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13837 x your age x 73 = ? Try it. You’ll get an interesting result..


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I have no idea how the heck this works, and my brain would probably overheat and burst into a messy pulp if I even attempted to figure it out.

i couldnt help but try it 😀

age 22 = result 22,222,222

it’s because of the number you get from 13837×73, which equals  1,010,101(.0), aka 10/10/10/10

when ever you multiply that you get 4 sets of the same number 22/22/22/22/

so if we tryed it with lets say… 42, we would get something like ….

13,837 x 42  = 581,154 x 73 = 42,424,242 (42/42/42/42)

the only time this trick doesn’t work is when the person is under 1 years old, or over 99 years old, the reason why is that the 0 is basicly a blank area and anything below 10 leave a zero that you don’t have in your age, and anything above 99 (anything with more than 2 digits) screws the numbers to the left hand side of the first one up …

… round about way of explaining it, and probably confusing, and yes… i have no life ….

… gonna go  now and look at some  ((10×200)x40)+(17×5) now … FML…

c’est inutile non ?

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