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FLU – GNG BNG (MEMIX) – Ruff Mercy


Ok, so this music video has been sitting on the shelf for a while now gathering dust. So long in fact that the soundtrack has pretty much near faded into nothing more than dirty static. It’s a shame though because if i remember correctly the track is an absolute monster. Produced by an abstract beatmaker widely regarded as a genius and laced with deranged lyricism by one of the dopest mc’s out in the west, this track definitely has potential to destroy your mind in many ways.

Possibly it could be repaired with a little effort though.

Instructions for repair:

1. Download the video here,
2. Google: ‘FLU – GNG BNG (ME MIX)’
3. Add found audio to what audio remains at 26 seconds 11 frames

Be interesting to know if someone can fix it ….i kinda liked this piece.


Shout out to TOMGUEST.TV for restoring a bit of audio upfront for me on this.

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